Friday, August 26, 2011

creative accessories {a guest post by Inna}

Hey everyone, it's Inna from Paper Raindrops! I love making things, so I thought I'd show you some DIY accessories. :)

Acorn Necklace

This is super easy to make. Just take a piece of hemp, string, ribbon or whatever. Find an acorn cap that has a little stem on it. Tie the acorn into the center of your string, and tie necklace clasps onto the ends! (You can buy clasps for really cheap at most craft stores)
Ta-da! :)

Button Bracelet

This is another super easy project. Cut a piece of stretchy beading string about 12" long. String the end through a button, and tie a knot. Then string on your buttons, just like beads! If you slide them nice and tight, the buttons will make two back-to-back rows. It's kinda hard to see in the picture, but underneath the yellow buttons is a row of green ones, which would be the second row. That way your bracelet is reversible!
Keep beading until it's long enough to fit around your wrist. Tie it, and cut of the extra string!

Bottle Cap Charm

Get a small nail and a hammer, along with a cute bottle cap. Use the hammer and nail to pound a small hole on the top of the cap. Then put a split ring (sold at craft stores) into the hole. Then you can slide the new charm onto whatever you want! You can put it on a chain or a ribbon for a necklace. Or you can put it on a key chain ring, or use it as a charm on a bracelet!

Have fun!

 Thank you, Inna! Make sure you check out Inna's lovely blog, Paper Raindrops, to read lots of other fun posts.