Monday, September 19, 2011

a taste of home

  World Market made my day.

  Now, it must be said, America has some very nice sweets. But sometimes, I miss some of the sweets from back home. Nothing can really beat fruit pastels, buttons, or even chocolate-covered digestive biscuits. Sometimes I can't help but miss seeing all the familiar brands like 'cadburys' and 'the natural confectionery sweet company' (despite the long name).

  And that, my friends, is why World Market made my day. They sell foreign foods. Including some British/Irish sweets. And one day for a treat, we got some.

|oh my goodness.|

|the spellings on the wrapper made me happy. colours = colors, flavours = flavors.|

|kinder is actually german, not irish or british. but you can buy it in ireland, and it's like my favorite chocolate. ever. and haribo is german too, i believe. but still.|

 Those of you who are in Ireland are probably thinking I've gone crazy for posting about ordinary sweets like these. Guys, if you were away from them for four months, you'd understand. :)

  Besides sweets, the week has been filled with school-work, reading, henna, Jane Eyre, 80 degree weather, and lots of other wonderful things. I was really beginning to think California would perpetually be 108 degrees so this is rather great.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


   I do believe that I will forever remember the summer of 2011 as being absolutely crazy. My family and I went to so many places, saw so many people, and did more stuff than I ever thought could possibly be squished into one season. But, it was lovely.

 There's some things about this summer that really stand out. First there's those small, simple things that make a day sweeter - and then there's those big, never-to-be-forgotten things that for months afterwords you're still super excited about. This is a list of both of those kinds. The highlights of the summer.

six flags


swimming pools


new books






the owl city concert



the biggest aquarium in the world







air conditioning (what would we do without it?)

  After three months of traveling all over this enormous nation, we are now living in our house-for-the-year in California. Things are not so hectic, I'm exceedingly glad that I no longer have to live out of a suitcase. Furloughs are fun, but they don't exactly make for a 'peaceful and relaxing' summer!

 And now? Summer is over, Autumn's arrived. School began Tuesday, and so far I'm enjoying it. At the same time as mourning over the fact that summer is behind us, I'm starting to get excited for autumn-ish things - pumpkin pies, cooler weather, and all the autumn colors :)

  What were some of the highlights of your summer?