Monday, August 31, 2015


My life has become so complicated. So laughably complicated.

So one day I'm at home in Ireland, doing schoolwork at my little desk in my tidy (ish) room. I'm drinking my second cup tea and daydreaming about Doctor Who. Alarm clocks are unknown concepts, and I have nothing scheduled for the week except for youth group on Saturday and church on Sunday (places in which I know every single person). Everything is comfortable and familiar and just like it always was.

Flash forward a few months, and my life is complete and utter chaos. Every aspect of my life is completely screwed up, like a tornado came through and demolished everything familiar.

Hashtag college. Or something.

Guys, I'm so happy to be at college. Sometimes I just randomly whelm up in tears because I'm so dang happy to be here. Everyone is so nice. My roommate is fabulous and my dorm is the coolest. I love this place.

But it's so, so scary. This week has been like a super weird and fantastic and complicated dream that I'll wake up from sooner or later.




Classes start tomorrow and I needed a place to vent just a couple of my millions of emotions. And you know, it honestly worked. I feel a lot calmer now.

Anyway, how are you guys? Please update me on your lives because I feel completely out of the loop.