Monday, September 19, 2011

a taste of home

  World Market made my day.

  Now, it must be said, America has some very nice sweets. But sometimes, I miss some of the sweets from back home. Nothing can really beat fruit pastels, buttons, or even chocolate-covered digestive biscuits. Sometimes I can't help but miss seeing all the familiar brands like 'cadburys' and 'the natural confectionery sweet company' (despite the long name).

  And that, my friends, is why World Market made my day. They sell foreign foods. Including some British/Irish sweets. And one day for a treat, we got some.

|oh my goodness.|

|the spellings on the wrapper made me happy. colours = colors, flavours = flavors.|

|kinder is actually german, not irish or british. but you can buy it in ireland, and it's like my favorite chocolate. ever. and haribo is german too, i believe. but still.|

 Those of you who are in Ireland are probably thinking I've gone crazy for posting about ordinary sweets like these. Guys, if you were away from them for four months, you'd understand. :)

  Besides sweets, the week has been filled with school-work, reading, henna, Jane Eyre, 80 degree weather, and lots of other wonderful things. I was really beginning to think California would perpetually be 108 degrees so this is rather great.



  1. Wow....those look really yummy! I love chocolate covered digestive good:)

  2. Chocolate covered digestive biscuits are fab, as are HobNobs. You don't have Crunchies in the US? No Haribo? No Kinder chocolate? What about Milka? My heart is breaking. I'm not even joking--I wouldn't trade a Crunchie for those peanutty things any day of the week.

  3. jane eyre is my current book obsession. it is so romantic and vividly told. are you past the the red room scene?

  4. Oh goodness, I'd love to visit a place like World Market.... yummylicious! I've been deprived of European treats all my life though, so I guess I can wait a bit longer... *sigh* Wrappers look so wonderful with their spellings of colour, flavour... oh lovely.
    ~ Tarissa

  5. That is so weird! I think it's crazy how living in America, you sometimes think the whole world revolves around you, only realizing that some other places on this planet are tons cooler than the US.

    I would love to try some of those sweets- perhaps I'll visit Ireland one day :)

    Have a lovely weekend and it's a pleasure to meet you!!

    xo flor

  6. kinder country is sooo good. we buy it here{switzerland} sometimes. we devour it.