Friday, August 8, 2014

Where Have I Been?

 Hey lovely people! I sort of disappeared there for a few weeks, and I wanted to give a quick explanation for that before I rush back into posting about my England trip.

 July was a busy month for several reasons. Here's a few!

1. My friend, Romany, came to visit us from Canada for the month. It was so wonderful having her here, and I miss her a lot now that she's gone! (That's her on the left in photo #1)

2. I worked down in Co. Kerry for a week with a Christian organization that does children's programs on the beach. Our days were crazy busy, but it was wonderful.That week was a blessing in my life and I learned so much. (That's me with a few fellow team members in the last pic)

3. My church recently moved into a new building, and my family has been busy working on it. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's going really well. (That's my little bro and I in the new building in pic #3. We have weird faces.)

4. My brother, Brendan, got engaged to his girlfriend, Rachael! SOEXCITING. (That's them in pic #2. Aren't they adorbs?)

 I've been having a great summer. I hope you guys have been as well! Not only have I not been posting on this blog, but I unfortunately haven't been able to keep up with you guys' blogs either. So tell me what you've been up to! I miss you all!

Talk to you again very soon,


  1. These are all such exciting things that I instantly forgave you for going missing for FOREVER.
    I need to post on my blog, too. Anyways, wowwww your life is so cool. ;) congrats on your bro's engagement!! :)

  2. Wow, Hannah, you've been everywhere this summer! I love hearing about your trips! That sounds like a really awesome kids program that you helped out with...and on the beach too! That must have been loads of fun. It looks gorgeous..

    1. Thanks! Yes, that was such an amazing week. It was a beautiful beach, too!