Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Changes // announcement

Hey pretty peoples.

I have an announcement of sorts. Maybe it's an exciting one, maybe it's a sort of sad one - maybe it's just a sort of "meh whatever bruh" one. I dunno. To me it's a mix of those.

For the time being, The Daisy Tree is moving to Instagram.

In this stage of my life (college and boring things like that), I just can't seem to be able to fit blogging into the equation. It's been sad for me. I love blogging, and I've missed documenting my life, working on projects, and hearing from all of my lovely blogging buddies.

Without meaning it to, blogging has slowly faded out of my life during the last two years. I don't read blogs on the regular anymore, and it's pretty evident I haven't been keeping mine up very well. I tried and tried to get back into it, but I can't seem to.

I had to find a way from keeping my blog from dying a slow, painful death. 

I've been thinking lately that I shouldn't try to force myself to get back into blogging. Cuz that doesn't really work.  Maybe, instead, I should keep doing what I love doing - working on diy/baking projects, writing, documenting, and sharing it with friends - but on a platform that would be more natural to use in this time of my life. After thinking about the options that opened up, I realized that Instagram would be a good fit for me. Instagram is easy to use (as I can post directly from my phone), I can still do a lot of the things I've been doing on my blog, and a lot of you guys are on there.

I know this isn't good news for everyone - I know not everybody has an Instagram account. I'm super sorry about that :(

By the way, this is not me saying that I'm quitting this blog. 

An actual blog is obviously the best platform to - well - blog. Which is what I love doing. This is just me saying that for the time being, I'm moving the blog somewhere where I'll be able to keep it from tragically dying. I will be back.

(I still dream of someday being one of those cool homeschooler mom bloggers who makes green smoothies lol)

So, if possible - please join me over at my blog's Instagram! There will be fictional feasts, DIYs, bookish lists, too many photos of my cats, and other nice things. Don't leave me there all alone!






  1. So excited to follow your journey and on Instagram!!!

  2. Aww, I'll miss your fab blog posts (don't give up your dream of being a homeschooler mom blogger, it's awesome XD) but I can't wait to see more content from you on Instagram! I'm so stoked because I love anything you blog about <3


  3. My blog is suffering a similar fate. I forget about it, put it off, revive it for a couple of months and then the cycle repeats itself! I'm also opening an instagram for mine, but I'm going to give blogging one last go too. See you over on Instagram, Hannah :) x

  4. While I'm gonna miss seeing you around in the blogging world, I can't wait to see what you do on instagram! :)