Sunday, January 16, 2011

longing for spring

Don't get me wrong - I love winter. But I'm glad it's almost over. Of course, It won't technically be spring for a while, but pretty soon it will begin to look and feel like it. I can see it now... the grass will be the loveliest shade of green, the sky will be pale blue, flowers will be blooming everywhere you look, there will be adorable little lambs frolicking in the fields - I really need to stop thinking about spring. I'm torturing myself.

|these two pictures were taken in a garden shop in town|

It's been a long winter. We got more snow than usual and it's been very cold - even the lake froze! But the snow and ice have melted away. Now it's just cloudy, rainy, and windy. It's not unpleasant, but there isn't really anything particularly pleasant about it either.

I'm not quite sure how cold it's been out there these last few days. Because I've been inside. Firstly because of school. This first week of school went well, I rather enjoyed doing my Paces (that's what my schoolbooks are called) each day. But even yesterday (Saturday) when I had no school to do I was still stuck inside. Because I'm sick. So I'm stuck inside sneezing and coughing my weekend away. Fortunately that gives me plenty of time for blogging and book-reading, so I'm okay :)

Overall I've really loved this winter. But I think it's lasted long enough. I want spring!


  1. Spring feels so far away right now. It's frustrating, although today I spotted several people with no coat on in town which does make it feel somewhat closer.
    There are sheep over the road so I can't wait to see all the lambs!

  2. Hi Hannah! I have given you an award :)
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  3. Not to tease or anything (*grin grin*, but it's the middle of summer for me! :D

    P.S My word verification is pasta:D LOL