Friday, April 8, 2011

the anne series

I love the Anne of Green Gables series.

 I've probably said that before, but I really just needed to say it again.

  This January I began reading the Anne series. I knew it would be good. But I didn't know it would be this good. But it is. It is extremely, incredibly very good.

 Each book made me laugh, and cry, and gasp in horror and amazement. I really enjoyed reading them.

 Anne of Green Gables - the beloved first book in the Anne series, and one of my very favorites. Little red-headed Anne Shirley has to be one of the most lovable and most amusing girls in all of fiction. She uses far too big of words, has an amazingly vivid imagination, and never ceases to get into frightful scrapes. A wonderful, charming classic.

|Anne Shirley in "Akage No Anne (1979)" - Japan's lovely anime version of Anne of Green Gables|

Anne of Avonlea - another wonderful book. Anne is (almost) all grown up, but is still as "Anne-ish" as ever. She still has the same imagination, and - unfortunately - the same tendency to get into scrapes :)

Anne of the Island - This book was very hard to put down. Anne of the Island  is such a lovely book and I enjoyed it so much.

 |This front cover is probably my favorite out of all of the front covers in the series.|

Anne of Windy Poplars - Filled with wonderful characters and hilarious stories, this is another very enjoyable read.

Anne's House of Dreams - This is another favorite of mine. I don't know if I've ever actually sobbed over a book before this. It's such a sweet book.

Anne of Ingleside - Anne Blythe is now a mother of six children - all as fun and imaginative as she was when she was little. This book is all about Anne and the goings-on at her home in Ingleside. I really liked this one.

Rainbow Valley - such a good book! This one focuses on the Blythe children and their many adventures with their friends, the four "Manse children". I love it!

 |Beautiful Prince Edward Island - the setting for the Anne series|

Rilla of Ingleside - Alongside Anne of Green Gables and Anne's House of Dreams, I think this is another one of my favorites in the series. Rilla is such a wonderful character, and it's just a sweet, sad book. I couldn't put it down, and I was so sorry when it was over. Such a beautiful book.

 So that's the excuse for my absence in blogging: I've been spending lots of spare time reading these. And I've also had a bit of a blogger's block for a while. But I think I'm better now, so I'll be posting more soon!

 Have you read any good books lately?


  1. I have the same set of Anne books as you do! I love Anne of Green Gables... they are such good reads. :D

  2. I've read the first three books I think my fav' was Anne of the island. You knew what you meant when you said "I couldn't put it down" . I loved that book!

  3. We have the Anne books, and one time, when we lived in a very small house and all four of us kids (brothers and sisters) had to share one room, we read the whole series aloud. My brothers were as interested in hearing more as we were! They are that good!

    Definitely one of my favorite series, and I'm so glad that you posted about it!

  4. Anne is amazing! I feel like I know her so well. The first book is my favorite, mainly because she is around my age at the end. XD

    I also love Anne of Windy romantic <3

    The best thing is that my brothers hate the books, so I don't have to wait for them to finish them like with most other books!


  5. made me want to read them...again:)

  6. Anne is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!!! i luuuuv her!!!!

  7. Oh, what a beautiful collection you have of the 'Anne' books! I love that series. I've only read them once, but I imagine I will read them again and again in my lifetime--just to remind me of their loveliness.

    Already a few years have passed since I read the books, and feel the urge to read them again, especially after seeing your post here. I don't really know which book is my favorite, but I know "Anne's House of Dreams" was so sad at the ending, when she had to give it all up. Something I'll never forget.