Thursday, June 9, 2011

i must be in california.


I bought a one way ticket
'Cuz I knew I'd never see the ground
Unless I was aboard a jet plane
And we were going down
When I wiped the tears from my eyes
The warm water took me by surprise
And I woke up beside the ocean
I realized
 I must be in California

  When we got to California, it was nighttime. All I could see out the car window was blurred lights and darkness as we drove away from the airport. 

 That's why, as soon as I woke up the next morning, I jumped up to look out my bedroom window.  I hadn't the slightest idea what I would see.

|don't ya hate it when blogger makes your photos bad quality? This was good quality before I uploaded it here on blogger. Anyone know how I can fix that?|

 I saw sunshine. And palm trees, and green mountains, and pretty white houses. And blue sky and roses. 

 It was a happy sight.

 And really, that whole first California day was a happy day. 

Because: We saw my sister who we hadn't seen since Christmas. (she was going to college there, but now she graduated) :)

And Because: We went to fun places.

|like Chick-fil-a. <3|

Dear California,

 You are a very pretty place.


   It feels strange writing about that day. It feels like a year ago. It was a month, though. We've just been to a lot of places since then! More on that later :)

I hope you're having a lovely day,



  1. Your photos are very pretty!

  2. Come back so we can do more fun things! Can't wait to see more pictures:)

  3. awesome pictures! i'm from California, it's the best! just found your blog, following now :)

  4. I love coming to your blog and seeing lovely pictures! It'd be an exciting thing for me to visit CA, but I imagine it has to be even more exciting for you, coming from Europe. Please post again soon about CA and where you're living. Oh, and by the way... the Owl City lyrics were a great way to start the post! (I've never heard that particular song before, but I shall go do that right NOW!)

  5. Those are very pretty pics!!