Sunday, June 10, 2012

louisa may alcott: what I'm reading

  Tarissa from the lovely book-filled blog In the Bookcase came up with the Louisa May Alcott reading challenge for this summer- and right away I knew I had to join in.

  Alcott's books were some of the first books that got me into reading. My sister had a lot of them on her bookshelf, and one day I timidly decided to give one a try. And subsequently, I then devoured the rest of them. And even though my ten or eleven-year-old self adored them, I haven't read them again since. Which is definitely sad.

 So - that's why, when I saw the blog post about the challenge, I realized I had to read some books by this wonderful author again.

 The hard part was picking which ones. But after much thought, I decided on these three:

I. An Old-Fashioned Girl - This, alongside Little Women, was a favorite when I was younger. I'm excited to read it again because I hardly remember anything about it.

II. Jack and Jill - A lesser-known one that I never got a chance to read, but sounds like a really sweet book.

III. Under the Lilacs - This is another one I've always wanted to read. Since they're not at   my library, I might make an exception to my only-read-real-books rule and read this and Jack and Jill as ebooks. (!)

  I'm a little bit crazy excited to read these books this summer.

  You should check out this reading challenge, whether you're a fan of LMA or you have no idea who I'm talking about. I'm having fun already and I haven't even started reading.

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That is a good book it seems to me, which is opened with expectation and closed with profit.” 
-Louisa May Alcott


  1. I am so excited to see that you joined the reading challenge, Hannah! I have not read any of those 3 that you chose (but I do own An Old-Fashioned Girl, so I'll have to get to it at some point). Eeeek! I'm very excited about your book selection. Have fun reading! And I hope to hear your ponderings on these LMA books too.
    ~ Tarissa

  2. An Old-Fashioned Girl was one of my favorites growing up. I own the other two but alas they don't stick in my memory at all. I'm not even sure where Under the Lilacs is if it's with the others or not. Happy reading!