Thursday, June 7, 2012

well, i'm back

 |lax airport, goodye to L.A, alfred, sunset at dublin airport|

 I'm going to be honest with you. The plane ride/airport experience was a total nightmare. I've come to believe that long airplane trips, especially overnight ones, are pretty much one of the worst things in the world. There were two good things about it, though - I got to watch Jane Eyre and Sherlock Holmes on the plane, and I got to hear British accents everywhere during the layover in London...

 And plane rides are always worth it in the end.

 |Every time I see this picture I'm reminded of how scared I was for my camera to be so close to the water|

 We've been home for almost four weeks, which is hard to believe. It's been busy - the first week or two we unpacked and got everything in order, and then Caleb and I got back into school-work. It may take a while to really get used to living here again. California, I have to admit, after all my worries beforehand, was awesome. I met some of the loveliest people in the whole world, had some of the funnest (totally a word!) days, and I know I'll miss a lot of things. It's a strange mix of being overjoyed to be home, and missing my big sister and friends back in America.

  I may have to do school through the summer, but I'm still looking forward to it - I've made my summer reading-list, I've got some projects pinned on my pinterest that I'd hoping to work on, I'm planning on doing a photo-a-day thing for July, and I'm definitely going to try to blog more now that things have settled down a bit.

  Well, goodbye for now, have a lovely Thursday!
  P.S - if you can guess which movie/book I am quoting in the title, you earn awesome-points :)

listening to: my father's father by the civil wars                                                          
reading: inkheart by cornelia funke                                                                             
obsessing over: les miserables...the radio theatre, the musical, and this new trailer


  1. Love the pictures - good to hear that you're home safely!!
    (Lord of the Rings, few :D)

  2. My guess is that you're quoting Sam from The Return of the King. Am I right? :)

  3. So happy to see you back, Hannah! :D I used to check your blog every once and a while before you got back into the blog, and I always missed your lovely words and photos. :] Welcome back to Ireland!


  4. So happy to see you're back writing. Love reading your blog:)

  5. I'm glad you're back! So happy to hear that the trip to Ireland went okay--- and being surrounded by British accents was certainly a plus. :)

    I hope you're going to have a wonderful summer, relaxing back into your home. I used to love reading your blog all the time, so I also hope you'll be able to post frequently throughout summer. By the way, I don't know if you've ever mentioned about Caleb before, but I assume he's your brother? I found it interesting because my brother's name is Caleb too. :D

    ~ Tarissa

    P.S. I'm adding you on Pinterest! (Pixel Berry Pie)