Saturday, October 27, 2012

a tour of belfast

 Back when my grandma was here, a few days after we went to Russborough House, we took a day-trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Belfast is a fascinating city - right by the ocean, full of both really old brick buildings and modern skyscrapers, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

 Our first stop was the Titanic Museum (pictured above), right beside the dock where the ship was built and launched. It was pretty cool :)

 Next, we took took a tour of the city on a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus. Even though it was absolutely freezing, my younger brother and I sat up on top.

 Now comes the part that, for me, was the most exciting part of the whole day. We saw the house that C.S. Lewis grew up in. Even though we could only stand outside the gate (since a family lives there), I just about died with the knowledge that my favorite author once lived here.

 Thus ended a lovely day in Belfast :)

reading: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (total Percy fangirl right here.)
loving: This Disney/Owl City music video. <3


  1. I want to ride in a bus like that. @.@ And seeing where CS Lewis grew up? Way cool.

    Can I come and visit you? :P

  2. That's so neat that you got to see C.S. Lewis's old house! :D Sounds like a great trip!

  3. *swoons* If I ever had the chance to visit Belfast, I'd be right there at that museum. What fun!