Thursday, November 1, 2012

what's new

 It's hard to believe it's the last day of October. I'm a little sad to see it end, because it's overall been a really lovely month. This is what's been happening lately:

I. I leaf-printed and decorated my room with leaves.

II. My younger brother and I wrote letters to Adam Young :) I don't know if he'll read them, but it was fun writing them.

III. It rained a lot. So we jumped in puddles.

IV. Something sad - I lost almost all of the pictures that I took last year, all the ones from California and the summer of traveling all over America. It's hard, they were such special photos and I wanted to keep them forever. But my dad helped me get some of back, which I'm really thankful for.

V. I (finally) learned to crochet.

VI. We went for a walk in the forest. 

VII. I decided to do the NaNoWriMo project. I actually only finally decided on it today. I'm excited to start writing, and at the same time a little nervous that it'll be a total failure...but I'm going to try my best to reach my goal of 30,000 words [update: actually, thinking more about it, I decided to do 21,000].

What's new with you?


  1. O.O This is so cool, I'm actually in the process if writing a post just like this one!

    Also, congrats on doing NaNo! I did it last year - if you need any tips or maybe a word war or two, just leave a note on my blog. :)

  2. Your room is beautiful!! And I love the pictures!! I can't wait for NaNoWriMo either!!! :)


  3. Here's my comment with the NaNo tips. :)

    - know your characters. Take some time and just write about them; not for your novel, just for you, so you know how they tick. Find out what kind of foods they like, why they hate the colour orange, that kind of thing. Really know them and November will go so much smoother.

    -outline and use it. It's kind of late to do this one, but it's so helpful and it really gets the creative juices flowing. Also, if you get stuck an outline is great for keeping you on track.

    -find a NaNo (or just general writing buddy.) You don't have to do this one but it can help to keep you on track, and it can make it more fun for both of you. Word wars are helpful too (and they're kind of fun!)

    -set aside a writing time every day. When I did NaNo last year I got up at 6:30am on weekdays so I could write before school. (I gave myself a break on weekends and other days when I knew I'd have extra time.)

    -reward yourself! Give yourself chocolate after every 10 or 5 thousand words.

    -if you make yourself a promise (I'm going to write 3000 words today) do your best to keep it. Don't make the promise if you know you're not going to have time - it will only make you feel bad when you don't meet your goal.

    ((that was really long...I hope some of it helps! Good luck! :D))

  4. I want to read your novel when your finished!