Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the tenth of december

i. beautiful frosty morning
ii & iii. making gingerbread with two sweet girls from my church
iv. prezzies from Heather, delicious lemon cake, and Alfred.

 December 10th was my sixteenth birthday.

 When I was really young, my opinion was that sixteen was the absolute coolest age to be. This more than likely had to do with the fact that both The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beautiful were sixteen, and that when my sister turned sixteen I considered her to be so old that she was practically a grown-up. I think, for whatever reason, sixteen was the age I've always wanted to be.

 I feel like I should say something like, "But now that I really am sixteen, I realize how young and insignificant it is!", but that wouldn't be very honest at all. Because I'm pretty ecstatic about it.

 I had a very sweet birthday. It was one of those simple, quiet kind of birthdays that I think are really the nicest of all.

excited for: My sister to come home, The Hobbit (tomorrow. oh. my. gosh), Christmas, and the Oliver! Musical (my birthday gift!) 
listening to: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by The Civil Wars
trying: To learn all the countries in Africa and their locations for my Social Studies test. What the what.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day. :) Wanna mail some gingerbread to me in Canada? :3

  2. The gingerbread houses look AMAZING!!! I love this blog and I would love to follow if I may :)

  3. Glad you had a good birthday, Hannah. :) Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!

    Lovely gingerbread houses, btw! ;)

  4. Hi Hannah,

    I enjoyed your photos today! You're a very talented Photographer. And the pic of you with the girls and cakes is super cute. Glad you had a nice Sixteenth Birthday and you're right, it's a sweet age to be! :)


  5. Awww! Simple, quiet birthdays are always the best, for me at least. Enjoy yourself while you're 16!

    I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog about Christmas books. I haven't heard of "The Bird's Christmas Carol" before, but I'll put it on my December list!

    Here are some good holidays reads which I've enjoyed:
    The Quiet Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott --- it's a quick story, but I own a volume of a book entitled as that name, which actually includes 3 stories by the same author. The other 2 included are: Tilly's Christmas and Rosa's Tale.

    In another LMA book I have called Kate's Choice, it includes 2 other stories along with it: What Love Can Do and Gwen's Adventure in the Snow. (If you can't find either of these trilogy books, you still may be able to find the stories online)

    Have you ever read The Nutcracker? I believe it is written by E.T.A. Hoffmann---get a good illustrated version of it.

    If you like A Christmas Carol, I believe their are other short stories from Charles Dickens that are Christmas-related, although I can't recall any titles. I believe I've read some in the past.

    And, I know of 3 novels by the author Greg Kincaid which are beautifully written! More of a modern, backwoods American story about a dog. All the novels are connected to each other:
    A Dog Named Christmas
    Christmas with Tucker
    A Christmas Home

    :-) You'll have to let me know if you read any of these books! I always so enjoy reading special holiday-themed books in December!