Friday, January 17, 2014

cupcake critters

 Last weekend my sister and I decorated cupcakes. It was really fun, and I love how they turned out!

For the fish: Bright-colored icing and lots of smarties.
For the owl: Chocolate icing, oreos, and smarties for the eyes and beak.
For the ladybird: Oreo and smarties for the face, and chocolate chips for the spots.
For the pig: Pink icing, pink marshmallow and a pink smartie (cut in half) for the snout, chocolate chips for the eyes, and part of a pink wafer biscuit for the ears.

 Love, Hannah

Reading: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Listening to: the 'Wicked' soundtrack.
Fangirling about: Sherlock, Season 3. Woah, I can't handle how good it was.


  1. i think the most reason i like cupcakes is for their artsy frosting.

  2. ooo, they're adorable! I'm not much of a decorator (I just get icing all over the place!!) but I might have to try these.

  3. They're beautiful!! I never would have thought of decorating with smarties, it's a great idea!! I'm going to use these as inspiration for creating my own, thank youuu

  4. THESE ARE SO CUTE! I love the pig! How adorable!