Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Kitten Amelia

 My brother, Caleb, and I were on a walk down to the lake one day in November when we found a litter of stray kittens living in an old barn. Long story short, we ended up being able to keep one! We named her Amelia.

 Amelia is quite the character. She's mischievous and very curious. She's adorable, and she has us laughing every day with the funny things she does and the random places where she decides to sleep.

 Her and my big cat, Alfred, aren't exactly best friends right now - but hopefully they'll learn to get along in time :)

love, Hannah


  1. Oh my goodness!! She's absolutely adorable--and great video, too. :) I just want to come through the computer screen and give her a big hug. She looks so cuddly!

  2. She's sooooo cute! I miss when my cat was a kitten, she was so much more playful then!

    (Also, love the video!)

  3. Ahhhh so adorable! I'm totally a dog person, but this makes me want a cat. She's so loveable! (also, great video.)

  4. AWW to cute!! I love cats, nice post... :) Grace xxx ♥