Friday, December 19, 2014

I See Dead People // Rome, Part II

(here's part one, in case you missed it!)

After getting up, having breakfast at the train station's McDonalds (PANCAKES YO), and experiencing Rome's very packed underground metro, we arrived at the entrance of the Vatican.

Five Facts About the Vatican: 
1. It's a must see for any tourist.
2. It's the smallest country (by both size and population) in the world.
3. Only a certain part of the Vatican (the museums, cathedral, and garden) is open to visitors.
4. The Vatican's museums are some of the world's finest.
5. The best part is the ceilings.

|like most museums, there was a lot of very old things and very naked statues.|
|I loved the Greek and Roman sculptures. I was glad to be a Percy Jackson fan, because otherwise I wouldn't have known who any of those peeps were. "HEY LOOK IT'S DIONYSUS, GUYS."|
|I could stare at those ceilings forever.|
The last part of the museum was it's crowning glory - the Sistine Chapel. It was awe-inspiring. 
(There was strictly no photography allowed, unfortunately. Also the guards would actually shush people if they talked too loud.)

After the museums, our next stop was St. Peter's Basilica, which was magnificent. You just wanted to stare up at it melt into a puddle of awe.

|Random thought while walking around this place: "Um, how the heck did they pay for this?"|

The Vatican was an extremely interesting place. It was as if all the world's best artists and architects throughout history came together and added a little piece of their best work to it. Also, the pizza in the cafeteria was pretty yum-o.

|a pretty park we walked through later that day|

Before we headed back to our hotel, we stopped at a church called "Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini". The church wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but what was under the church definitely was.

Underneath was was the Capuchin Crypt, and it was - uhhh - decorated with the bones of monks. Intricately decorated. With thousands of...dead people. Historically interesting, yes, but it was seriously creepy and made me feel a bit ill.

On that delightfully pleasant note, I'll bid you farewell for now!



  1. Wowwwww this is so cool!!! Except for the monks. Poor guys. :( but wow, girl. (Also these posts are hilarious and basically my fave.)

  2. Ah . . . the Sistine Chapel! So cool. A lot of this is stuff I just finished studying in Art History. Also, I love your spiral staircase photo.

    1. Ooo that must have been a really interesting class. And thank you, Lydia! :)

  3. It looks like Rome was a lot of fun!! I have wanted to visit the Vatican ever since I learned it was the worlds smallest country! About those Monks, I read a national geographic about them a while back.

    1. Oh cool! Creepy, huh? I don't know if that artist was quite right in the head, to be honest...

  4. Buonissimo! Your photos are lovely.

  5. Okay, so I didn't see your post in my blog feed until today, so this comment is kind of late, but whatever. (-: AWESOME!!! The architecture and art is incredible! I too wonder how many millions (billions?) in today's money these places cost! I guess the Catholic church was incredibly rich (and still is) and they made a ton of money to build these churches by selling pardons to gullible people. XD I think that ended with Martin Luther though!
    I really need to visit Europe... I would love to see the Sistine Chapel. The amount of history and art is incredible. I was just reading this post with a wowed look on my face... Beautiful photographs!

    1. You're so right! And thank you very much, Elizabeth :)