Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a winter wonderland

It started to snow on Saturday night - which made me extremely delighted. But it was only a little bit of snow, and really powdery (not much fun to play with). But this morning when I woke up and looked out my window...there was a winter wonderland of snow ;) I've actually never seen that much snow here in Ireland. It was pretty deep and the perfect consistency for snowballs and snowmen and the like. Here's a snowman that me and my two brothers made down by the lake:

See how tall it is? It's almost as tall as my dad:
Yes, Mr. Snowman is on a picnic table...and yes, his eyes and nose are spoons. We're quite a creative bunch, as you can see :)

And on Saturday morning I got to do some snow-photography; here's some of my pictures:

*happy sigh* it's already beginning to seem like Christmas-time. The snow...the pretty Christmas lights in town...the Christmas music...the hot chocolate...and it's not even December yet!

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday (or whatever day it is when you are reading this.) :D

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  1. wow these made me want to go home! a winter wonderland;)