Saturday, February 5, 2011

black and white and color

  What do I do on cloudy Saturdays such as this one? I edit photos, read blogs, listen to Owl City, and bake cakes. So far I've done all of them except the last, and I hope to do that soon. Because I really really like cake. And the picture of coffee cake on Carlotta's blog makes me really really want some.

 But anyway, like I said, I edited some photos today. I tried a few black&white and selective coloring pictures (using picnik). I usually don't really like doing selective coloring, but every once in a while it's just fun :) Here's one of my favorites:

|taken last month at an awesome castle. more pictures to come soon|

 So that's all for now, I need to go bake a cake. Hopefully I won't forget to add the flour or put anodyne liniment instead of vanilla like Anne of Green Gables did....totally sounds like something I would do :) Also, Olivia is having an awesome giveaway, click here to see.

  Have a lovely Saturday,


  1. The selective colouring on that photo looks really lovely!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I grabbed your cute li'l blog button and put it on my blogroll page. It's a wonder why I never had it on there before! I found a few other people that I also did not have on my blogroll, which I totally should have... well, at least I have fixed it up now!

  3. Fabulous editing!!!! picnic is where I do all of my stuff too, but I can't seem to find the selective coloring button :)
    Oh well, I'll figure it out soon!
    Cool photo! :D

  4. I know I already commented on this post, but I wanted to tell you how much your comments have meant to me on my blog. Thanks so much :) You are a great blogger! Have a great week!
    In Christ,
    Hannah (from Devoted Daughter)

  5. that sounds like the perfect saturday...and do more of those selective colour them!