Saturday, February 26, 2011


  Today is a typical almost-spring Irish day. You know - the kind of day that starts off sunny, then all of a sudden it starts pouring, and then gets sunny again. Irish weather is very deceiving. But right now it looks absolutely beautiful.

 |I <3 grass|

|See how blue the sky is?|
  Ugh. Nevermind about the absolutely beautiful! It's not so nice anymore. It started hailing right as I finished writing that. Didn't I tell you that Irish weather is deceiving?

 |This is what hail looks like. Little round pieces of ice. Awesomeness.|

 Well, I'm off to make oatmeal cookies. Oh, and sorry that I stopped blogging for a while. I was suffering from a bad case of bloggers block. But I think I'm better now. :)


  1. I LOVE the pictures.
    Wow, the grass is so green. Out grass is brown, brown, brown. Also the sky is grey instead of blue :(
    I can't wait for spring!


  2. Lovely pictures! The weather here in England is like that too--it's so annoying, but I love it when you get surprise rainbows.

  3. Wow, gorgeous! I hate to say it, but our weather is rather deceiving to. For instance, yesterday, it was cool, then warm, then clouds rolled in and we had terrific rain. And to top it all off, the end of the day had 50mph winds. >.<
    ^In the space of one day.

  4. I wanna go to Ireland! :)

    - Ellyn

  5. Hannah,

    These are lovely photos that showcase your small piece of Ireland at its best. Thanks for sharing a smile with me today!

    ~ Tarissa