Tuesday, September 4, 2012

musical madness // les mis

  Confession: over the summer I've become super obsessed with musicals. I listen to songs from musicals all the time - and when I'm not listening to them, I'm singing them. I believe I'm driving my poor brothers insane. Oh well, that's what siblings are supposed to do, right? :)

  My very favorite is Les Miserables - and it's really what got me started on this musical craze. I was listening to the radio theater of Les Miserables for the first time one day (and loved it to bits) and decided to see if the musical was just as good. I ended up watching the '25th Anniversary Concert' version of it on youtube. I just sat there in shock and amazement the whole time. It's pretty awesome.

 |the original Jean ValJean and my favorite Enjorlas|

|from the new Les Mis movie that's coming out this winter. Can. Not. Wait.|

 These are some of my favorite songs from it - some of the ones that I play over, and over, and over...




  1. You found Les Mis exactly the same way I did - first the radio drama, then the 25th anniversary concert, then the rush of everything awesome. :D I can't wait for the movie!


  2. Interesting post, your blog is lovely!


  3. Oh man, I love Les Mis!

    Have you seen this??


    It's sooooo crazy. Nick Pitera has the most incredible voice ... he can do male and female leads!! You've gotta watch it.

  4. I watched the 25th Anniversary of Les Mis too. It was great! Well, it's the only version of the musical that I have seen---but other people I know have watched multiple versions of the musical. Anyways, I loved it. Have you read the book? (It's awesome too!)