Friday, March 22, 2013

Iceland // Wanderlust

 The Land of Ice and Fire

 There are so many places in the world that I desperately want to visit.

 Iceland is pretty up there on that list.

 There's just something fascinating about this country - it's wild beauty, it's contrasting landscapes. It's many volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, and fjords.

|disclaimer: none of these pictures belong to me, all found via google and pinterest|

  These photographs that I've rummaged through the internet for are certainly beautiful, but I'm sure they're nothing compared to the real thing. I hope that I'll get the chance to see Iceland in person someday.

listening to: Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós (how can you write about Iceland without listening to this band?)
reading: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


  1. :O Now I want to travel everywhere and see the whole world. I mean, I did before - but now I want to go TODAY.

    (also, To Kill a Mockingbird is a fantastic book! One of my favourites.)

  2. I have places I want to travel myself... Scotland, for one. However, I don't think I've ever given Iceland a second though---until now. Oh, I believe you've opened a whole new world up to me! Or at least, a whole new county. The pictures are breathtaking! I think Iceland is now on my need-to-visit list. :-)

  3. oh.... lovely. ;) i really really really want to visit Iceland, and Ireland, and New Zealand, mostly. :) And France, 'cause my dad is part French. :) this is lovely, girl! hopefully someday you'll be able to visit. :)


  4. Wow! THat is so beautiful! I really want to go to New Zealand and also Alaska. And after reading your post I definitely want to visit Iceland.