Sunday, October 27, 2013

les diablerets


// part two//
   The next day it was time to leave Zurich and head for Les Diablerets, where the conference was held.

   After a long day of train rides (which I enjoyed a lot), we finally made it.

 a few facts about Les Diablerets:
- it's a small village
- it's surrounded by mountains
- it's in french-speaking part of Switzerland
-it's filled with the coolest wooden houses ever
- it's one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I've ever been to

   My mom and I got to stay in Les Diablerets for a whole week. My days were full of conference sessions, schoolwork in the hotel room, exploring the village, hikes in the woods, and a lot of photo-taking.

 At the end of the week, it was hard to say goodbye to this place. As the train pulled away from the station, I knew one thing.
 I'm going to come back someday.



  1. Those pictures are so gorgeous!

  2. Ho WOW the photos are more then AMAZING it is a true pees of god's art! Keep posting pretty thins
    love grace