Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the book thief

 "It's just a small story, really, about, among other things:
- A girl
- Some words
- An accordionist
- Some fanatical Germans
- A Jewish fist fighter
- And quite a lot of thievery"

 Earlier this month I read  The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.

 It's one of those books that's hard to talk about. I don't know how I would put into words what about it made it so great. I'll simply say that this book broke my heart a hundred times over and it's one of the best books I have ever read. 

 I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the book, and some photographs that reminded me of the story (some are from the movie that's coming soon).

“If only she could be so oblivious again, to feel such love without knowing it, mistaking it for laughter.”

"The consequence of this is that I'm always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.”

“Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness.”  

"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you."

“People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and ends, but to me it's quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations with each passing moment. A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors. Waxy yellows, cloud-spot blues. Murky darkness. In my line of work, I make it a point to notice them.” 

"I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”

 Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it? If you haven't read it...then I'd definitely recommend you do so.

love, Hannah


  1. AhhhhhhhIlovedthisbooksomuch! It broke my heart, you're so right...

    it also reminded me that novels aren't just about the story, they're about the WORDS. Because this author knows how to use words. Like, wow.

    This was one of my favourite quotes: "I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”
    I copied it down into my journal.

  2. Ok, I'm sorry, but all your posts are so good, I'm just going on a commenting binge. :) This is one of the most amazing books I've read in ages. The author's use of language just astounded me! So so brilliant. It's one of those books you can't put into words, ironically.