Tuesday, October 8, 2013


// part one //

  After a day of traveling, my mom and I made it to Switzerland. Specifically, to a town called Bülach not far outside Zurich city. It was a cute, small-ish town, and we stayed with a friend of ours. The next day we took a train into Zurich. I loved the train ride - it was so fun to get to see a bit of the beautiful countryside.

 |top: train station in Bülach. bottom: the zurich train station.|

 Once we reached Zurich, we picked up a map from the Tourist Service and began on a walking route that would take us through Old Town to see a bunch of the famous landmarks. 

a few facts about Zurich: 
- it's the largest city in Switzerland. 
- it's in the German-speaking section. 
- there are amazing cathedrals everywhere you look.
 - the Limmat River runs through the city from the beautiful Lake Zurich.
 - there are cute little sidewalk cafés everywhere

 The weather was sunny and warm - just perfect for walking around the city. One of best parts for me was  looking into the shop windows and little bakeries and seeing all the different things they sold.

 After a while we came to the place that I had been really excited to get to see - the Grossmünster Cathedral. This was the cathedral where the famous Reformer, Huldrych Zwingli, preached.

 The inside was awesome, but unfortunately there was a big "No Photography" sign at the door. Bleh.

 Inside, we climbed up the 187 steps to the top of one of the towers. Climbing those winding steps may not have been that fun, but the view from up there was worth it.

 Before long it was time to hop on the train back to Bülach.

 Zurich is a such beautiful city and I'm so glad to have gotten to visit it.




  1. Awww... I love Switzerland it's such a darling little country. I'd love to live in the mountains of Switzerland. Or a city... I don't care. :) It looks lovely.

  2. so beautiful!

  3. Hey!

    Wow! Switzerland looks absolutely beautiful!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog: http://steppingtowardtheson.blogspot.com/

    May His blessings be upon you this day and always!

    Love, your friend,
    Michaela :)

  4. OhmyGOSH is it ever beautiful! Wow! You're so lucky! :P And the sidewalk cafes...*sigh* I love those. What was your favourite part?

  5. oh man oh man oh man. this reminds me of some of my traveling in France and it makes me miss it so much! Zurich looks lovely and ahhh I need to get to Switzerland someday. :) love that view too--in Strasbourg there's a central cathedral too and I climbed to the top...the results? shaky legs and the best pictures. hehe. love this.

  6. The thing I find so fascinating about these European countries is all the OLD buildings. Where I come from, a building from the early 1900s seems old! It is so crazy to be IN a building that famous reformers were actually in! When we were in Holland we got to see some statues in a Catholic cathedral that were defaced by Luther's followers. The church was crazy old; they had started building it in the 1200s!!!