Sunday, January 29, 2017

In Which I Arrive in Israel




So after a goodbye to my cats (and my family, too), an airplane ride in a tiny french plane, a layover in Paris (where people kept trying to talk to me in French), and another airplane ride full of lot of snoring people, I made it to the airport in Tel Aviv at 4:45am.

In the taxi on the way to campus, the sun started to come up over the hills and the road-signs were all in Hebrew and I saw Jerusalem lit up in the distance AND IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH. Then I arrived here at the "Moshav", which is this little hotel village thingy on the hilltop. Not a bad place to call home for the semester.

The rest of the group are flying together from California, and they won't be here until later today. It's super weird being here by myself, not gonna lie. But it's also kind of nice, because I can get used to being here a bit before I have to start being all social and such.

Here's what I did to keep myself occupied since I arrived:

6:13am: I arrived at Moshav and was shown to my room by Jessy (who is this sweet girl who lives here to take care of us hooligans)
7:30am-ish: I fell asleep. (I was traveling ALL night, okay?)
9:30am: My alarm went off and I was just like "lol no" and turned it off.
11:23am: Hunger woke me up.
12:30pm: I went to the cafeteria/restaurant/thing, and I ate by the window and the view killed me. And the food was really nice.
1:14pm: I unpacked whilst listening to Hamilton. (it's an addiction, folks)
2:15pm: I realized I had wifi on my laptop.
2:16pm: I started blogging.
3:54pm: I talked to my fam back home.
4:10pm: I am sitting here finishing this post.
4:30pm: I dunno cuz that's in the future.
5:00pm: Exploring outside probably.
6:00pm: Hopefully people will arrive to save me from this strange alone-ness.

This has already been an adventure and all I've done really is sleep and hide out in my room. So that's cool.



  1. I love this. I'm so excited that you're blogging so I can read about what you're doing there

  2. Ahhhhh! I hope you have the adventure of a lifetime, Hannah!

  3. Woah! How cool is that. I am so excited for you and all the adventures you are going to have in Israel! Please keep the blog posts coming : )