Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a wednesday in pictures

i. morning light.
ii. grapefruit + brown sugar = yummiest breakfast.
iii. morning devotions.
iv. little tiger.
v. algebra, the bane of my existence.
vi. rain beating down on the roof. (from the skylight window, I unfortunately didn't climb on the roof!)
vii. new blog design ideas.
viii. tesco's lidl's croissants. the best. :)
ix. sky clearing up.
x. the end of the rainbow.
xi. a walk down to the lake with Caleb.
xii. making Anna's fairy cakes. they're extremely delicious and made the whole kitchen smell heavenly.


For the most part, I've been keeping up with my daily photographs. But there were three days in a row when I didn't take one single photo. It's awful! To try to make up for that, I decided to take lots of pictures today. It ended up to be around 126 pictures!

This morning (at like, 5:30 or something crazy like that) my mom left for the airport to go see my sister, Heather, in California. She'll be gone for a week. A week isn't that long, but a week without a mom is VERY long! :)

 Goodnight! (or good morning, or whatever time it is for you...)


  1. love the first and second photos! great post. (:

  2. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you actually made them. I feel so special! :D You were up late, I see... Or maybe that's just because I was asleep early.
    I love the way you got pictures of the weather - typical Ireland! :)

    Anna x

  3. Anna - Aww! Well, they were awesome. My brothers gobbled them up. :D Yeah, it was pretty late, teehee! :D

  4. I really really really loved this post! The pictures made me swoom. asjdhaskjdhas