Saturday, August 18, 2012

the daily photograph & the burning house

 So, what's up with the last photo? It's my "Burning House" photo. If my house was on fire, and I were able to take a few items, what would I take? Okay, so if my house really were on fire my one thought would most likely be, "AHHH! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" but this isn't meant to be logical. :) The items in the photo are:

1. shoebox full of letters. absolutely irreplaceable.
2. my books are my most precious things - but since I can't bring them all, I might grab my Voyage of the Dawn Treader, an old copy of A. A. Milne's poems, and Pride and Prejudice.
3. my TOMs
4. pearl earrings
5. filled-up notebooks
6. my camera - not pictured because I needed it for the picture itself :)
7. my ipod
8. my teddy (I know, such a baby...teehee)
9. a teacup
10. my flute (which I can't actually play yet, but I still love it.)

What would you take?


  1. Hi :) it's Maeve, or as my real name is... Anna! :) I just started a new blog where I'll actually be posting photography, which I'm excited about! It's if you're interested :)

    What would I take? Hmmm.... My camera, my teddy, probably a doll, my photographs and a few more thins that I'll have to think about!


  2. Love the "burning house" project and photos...if I did my own, though, I know I'd be crazy indecisive about it. ;) but your collection is delightful!