Thursday, August 16, 2012

recent diys


 I've always loved making crafts, and pinterest is pretty much a dream come true for crafty people. There's an absolutely endless amount of ideas for projects and diys and recipes. I thought I'd share some recent diy projects that I've loved making over the summer. I wish I could take credit for all these ideas...but I owe it all to pinterest. :)

teacup candle

 This may be my favorite diy project ever.
 how-to: There's a good tutorial at this blog:  
 things I learned: 1) Instead of buying very expensive wax flakes or a wax block, you can just buy a white candle, take the wick out, and use that instead to melt down. 2) You can use crayons (I used half of a pink cone) to color the wax. 3) Food coloring will not work. 4) This makes a bit of a mess...but it's very worth having to clean up afterwords!

 flags card

 No explanation really necessary... you simply cut little triangles from as many different colors/patterns of paper you can find, draw a few curved lines on a plain card, and stick the triangles onto the curved lines. Kinda adorb.

TOMs pillow & wallet

 I love TOMs. I'm not one of those girls who are crazy about shoes...but TOMs are the exception. And they come with cute canvas bags or "flags". Which turned into my new favorite wallet and my new favorite pillow. how-to:
Wallet: here
Pillow - just fill it with fluff (I used the stuffing from a pillow that my mom didn't need anymore) and sew the open edge of the bag!

framed book

I was looking for something simple but interesting to hang on my wall. This is exactly perfect. 
how-to: My dad scanned the page from the book (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!), fixed the color (on a photoshop-like program) and printed it out onto print-paper.

 painted bobby-pins

 Painted...with nail polish. Granted, this is weird. But it's awesome. Nail polish is the best thing for painting glass jars, keys,, bobby pins. Just try it.

 There's more, but I'll have to save the rest for another post!
 And I'll post soon to catch up with my daily photos.

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  1. all of these are so cute! I love the book phrase framed! Need!

  2. ooooh! Darling crafts! The candle is beautiful... and the card idea is ingenious. I think I must do it.

  3. shoot. i never thought of sewing my TOMS flags into something. dang, now i wish i would have saved those. next time. :)