Monday, August 27, 2012

the name collector // part i

"I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose would be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk-cabbage."
- Anne Shirley,  Anne of Green Gables

 Name-collecting is my newest weirdest hobby. It's amazingly fun. Most of the time it consists of just hearing an interesting name anywhere and jotting it down - but sometimes I go so far as looking through baby-name books or websites. It may come in useful someday for future fictional characters, or future children, or future pet goldfish. Of course, there are some names that stand out among all names as being the loveliest in the whole world. So here are:

 my current favorite names
part I - girl names

 Note: "Current" because I keep finding new favorites. Some (most) are extremely old-fashioned, and you may notice that a lot of them are literary characters...

Another spelling for "Emily" (I love both spellings) - Latin, meaning "admiring"

French, meaning "purple flower"

Greek, meaning "light" - Ella can totally be a name on it's own, but I've loved it as a nickname for Eleanor ever since I read Ella Enchanted :)

[pronounced like 'Jenna' without the 'j'] Irish, meaning either "light" or "bird-like"

Latin, meaning "heavenly, divine"

French, meaning "hardworking"

[dan-YEL or dan-yel-UH] French feminine form of the Hebrew name 'Daniel' which in means "God is my judge"

[ah-LEE-nah] Arabian, meaning "noble".

A form of 'Mary' which means "bitter" (well that's not very nice!)

Another spelling for 'Leah' - Hebrew, for "weary" or "delicate"

French, meaning "light", from the legends of King Arthur :)

Latin, meaning "universal"

French, meaning "exalted goddess" or short for Gabrielle...and also it's the title of this lovely song :)

German, meaning "noble, kind"

French, meaning "feminine"

Arabic, meaning "night" (ohhh wait a second...Lila means Arabian Nights!?)

Feminine form of the Greek name 'Anastasius', meaning "Resurrection"

Latin, meaning "beautiful"  

Irish, meaning "fair"

Dead serious about this one! So I might not ever name my future child this, but for a book-character I think it's lovely :)

 And one more Anne quote (she had a lot to say about names. I think she shared this hobby...)

"That's a lovely idea, Diana," said Anne enthusiastically. "Living so that you beautify your name, even if it wasn't beautiful to begin with. . .making it stand in people's thoughts for something so lovely and pleasant that they never think of it by itself." 
-Anne of Avonlea 

Name-meaning info came from and
'Part II - boy names' coming in the near future :)


  1. mm, I really like this idea. :) beautiful names.


  2. Love this post! My favourite girl's name might just be Juliette. I go through phases of favourites. Amelia, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Ella are some of my past favourites. I still really love the name Elizabeth though.

    Anna x

  3. These names are gorgeous! my faves are Zanna, Elsie, Emilie, and Jane.

  4. I like a lot of these. I always find girls names harder for me...i have a million favorite boys names but only a small list of girls names.

    I have been making a list of names for future kids since I was young. I love it. Anytime I hear a name I like or invent a name I write it on the list. But I am PRETTY sure I have my first boy and first girls names picked out. But they are secret til such babies are born. :)