Wednesday, March 16, 2011

loch álainn

 Today was a good day. I didn't fail my math test, I didn't make the ice tea too strong, and I didn't drop my camera in the lake. ...phew...

 After I finished the aforesaid test, my dad, my younger brother, and I went down to the lake. It's a really big lake, and there's lots of little back roads that lead to different bays. The bay we went to had a castle right next to it. Epicness.

 |Okay, isn't really much of a castle. Looks more like a tree made of rock. But it really is part of a castle, promise!|


  |My Lake of Shining Waters|

|Beautiful swans flying overhead|

 |Dad was skipping stones...|

|...whilst Caleb was throwing big rocks :)|

|An awesome tree with little fluffy things on it.|

    The weather today was so lovely, it was an absolutely beautifully sunny day. It's hard to believe that it was snowing just the other day!

 |Proof that it really snowed.|

 I can't wait for tomorrow. Since it's St. Patrick's day, we're gonna be doing some awesome Irish-ey stuff. Such as making soda bread and shamrock-shaped sugar cookies. Mmm! :)


  1. WOw! Those are fantastic pictures. :)

    You know you'd better take photos of the "irish-ey"-ness. :D


  2. Oh, I was wondering if you could give me the link to who designed your blog.

    If you could leave it to me within a comment on my blog... that would great. :)


  3. Nice! May I ask what camera you use? I really like your blog!


  4. Hey Hannah!

    I was wondering how do you do your backgrounds..I love them! :)

    Your pictures are so pretty! I wish I was as good at photography like you are.

    Ooh and I like ice tea too! ;)


  5. These are gorgeous pictures- I especially love the stone skipping one!

  6. I hope you know, Hannie, that you live in the coolest place around!!!! Castle tower? OMW, I would sit inside it and write my Medieval stories. And....well....if you are seeking a professional job, you could already get one as a photographer. WOW!

  7. OoOohh! Loch Alainn is a wonderful place. Now that I've seen this awesome tree-made-of-rock thing.... I love it. =)

  8. I love that tree made of rock castle thing too! Great photos! I WANT TO GO TO IRELAND! Sylvia