Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Talk About Spoilers

(Warning: This Post Contains Exaggeration, Sarcasm, and Brilliant Gifs.)

You know what makes me really really mad? Spoilers. So I thought, why not talk about them and share the hate?

First: What exactly are spoilers?
Spoilers are life-ruiners. They are pieces of unwanted information that you learn before you're ready, thereby ruining the surprise element of reading or watching something for the first time. The bane of a fan's existence.

I've been spoiled multiple times, and I'm sure many of you have, too.

Over time, I have observed that these spoiler attacks usually happen in three different ways:

1. The Pinterest Horror Story

Me: Lalalala, scrolling through pinterest is so much fun!
Me: Hey, some fan-art of my favorite character from my favorite book!
Me: Hey, the caption says "omgosh I can't believe he died in book two the feels lolz".
Me: Hey, my life is over now.

2. The "You Should Be Happy" Tragedy

Me: I am SO sad that she died!
Person: Oh, don't worry! I read somewhere that she's actually not dead. She'll be back in the next episode!
Me: You fool.
Person: Hey, I thought it would cheer you up. Aren't you happy?
Me: Get out of my life.

3. The "Are You Stupid?" Predicament

Me: Wait, why did the summary at the back of the book give away the plot twist?
Me: Wait, why did the trailer give away the entire plot?
Me: Wait, why are people so dumb?

And now, some helpful advice from me to you:

How to React to Spoilers:

1. Suppress Your Anger

2. Cry

3. Make Yourself a Cuppa

4. Move On

One last piece of advice: don't be dumb. Take precautions against spoilization!

Have you ever been a victim to spoilers? How did you react? What are some ways you yourself combat these mortal enemies?


  1. Hahaha! This is great!! Although, I'm one of those people who reads ahead to see what's going to happen in episodes and even (gasp!) reads ahead in books. I's horrible! =) I like to know what I'm getting into I suppose! haha

    1. Hehe, thank you!! And wow! Honestly, I wish I was a little more relaxed about spoilers, but I just can't help freaking out about them :D

  2. haha! Loved the Doctor gifs, especially the first one. :)

  3. That's funny.

    My brother is the worst spoiler I've ever met. He firmly believes that a books quality shouldn't depend on the excitement of the plot but rather on the quality of the writing. So if he ever recommends a book to me, he makes sure to tell me the whole plot beforehand. Oh and... he judges books not by the cover but by the final sentence.

    Apparently weirdness runs in the family : )

    1. *gasp* *chokes* *cries*
      Haha, but in all seriousness, he has a point! If one spoiler completely ruins the whole experience, it must not be a very good book/show in the first place. I do think spoilers ruin a lot of the fun, though! But it's really cool how everyone thinks about it differently.

  4. UGH SPOILERS CAN WE NOT. Btw this post is hilarious and witty and are you Jane Austen??? Because I'm getting that sassy Bennet vibe.

    I've been spoiled in all of these ways and now I have deep-seated insecurity and anger issues. I curl up in a ball under my bed when I start a new show and never ever emerge. It's safer under there.

    Just kidding. But kind of not. :/ Spoilers suck.

    (just in case anyone was wondering I am honestly kidding no I do not hide under my bed I'm too tall for that and I would get neck cramps trying to see my screen.)

    1. *BLUSHES* You just said I had Bennet sass. That just made me day (or life).

      YES. Spoilers give me anger problems. Olivia it is perfectly acceptable to curl up under your bed and marathon tv shows. I completely understand! ;)

  5. Somebody's into Doctor Who. ;)

    AND YES. JUST YES. I cannot stand spoilers at all. I react the first way. "I'll smack you so hard you'll regenerate." XD

  6. hahaha all them feels! I hate spoilers too - like why!?

    I have friends who spoil things on Facebook and they claim it's my fault for not catching up fast enough *anger surges*

  7. Good post idea, Hannah.
    Yeah, I hate spoilers. I have to take a moment to process that I just heard or read or saw what I did and then I just feel this profound disappointment and am like, "Nooo! Forget that that just happened!" Which doesn't work. :P And then I remind myself that if it's a good book or movie, I'll still enjoy it, even with spoilers. And that doesn't work either :P so then I go about the next week or so pushing the spoiler out of my mind whenever it pops up. *headdesk* They're awful things.

    1. Thanks, Danielle! And oh my word - that is the perfect description of what it's like. *headdesk*

  8. OH MY WORD I HATE SPOILERS. They are terrible. Ugh.

    But good job. These gifs were perfect. ;)

  9. Eh, I'm so behind on all the popular stuff that everything is spoiled for me, so I don't really mind. Pinterest ruined all of Frozen, and half of Hunger Games for me, but, it's my own fault. :-)

    I tagged you for my Chocolate Movie Tag, if you want to play. :-)